Plenty of Facebook posts and Twitter Tweets over the past few weeks have called for President Obama and the US Government to do something about the massive BP oil spill.  My reaction has been to ask (myself; up until now, I’ve kept these thoughts to myself), “What can the government do that BP isn’t doing.”

Then I heard Robert Riech on the radio program “Marketplace” on KQED-FM (the major San Francisco public radio station).  He suggests it’s “Time to put BP into temporary receivership.”  He makes the point that in the midst of this disaster, BP’s primary responsibility remains to the share holders, not to the public in general and not to our mother earth.  Putting the North American division into temporary receivership changes this – temporarily.

Meanwhile, old friend and global climate advocate Bill McKibben pleads, “Mr. President, lead now on fossil fuels” in an editorial in the LA Times.  As Bill points out, “The planet’s future (and [President Obama’s] legacy) will, in the long run, be defined by his response to global warming, the greatest problem humans have ever faced.

I invite you to read these responses to the BP Oil Spill.