I’ve decided to post my three favorite posts from my Facebook wall during the preceding week each Friday.  Here’s Last week on Facebook.

Traffic report: “Vampire is out on highway 4.” Turns out it was “van fire is out …”

‎1252 total arrests at the White House over the past few days. It’s the largest act of civil disobedience in the USA this century. Why? Read this article.

Some interesting (in my opinion) updates from the Sierra Club.

  • From China:
    Application of a growth accelerant causes watermelons on farms in eastern China to detonate.
    One out of every four deaths in China is caused by cancer. Widespread pollution is planed, especially smoke from coal-fired power plants.
    China surpasses the United States as the world’s top consumer of energy. [JSS: However the US is above China in per capita use of energy.]
  • Weeds are rapidly becoming immune to herbicides, according to researchers at Iowa State University in Ames, thanks to the popularity of herbicide-resistant bioengineered crops and the increased use of herbicides like glyphosate.
  • Texas, now in the worst drought since record keeping began 116 years ago, is declared a disaster area.
    Neighboring Oklahoma is drier now that it was during the 1930s Dust Bowl period.
  • The sea is now rising faster than at any time in the past 2100 years.