I’ve decided to post my favorite posts from my Facebook wall during the preceding week each Friday.  Here’s Last week on Facebook.

From Monday, September 26:
“We have long suffered in silence when life happens, not wanting to question God’s almighty will or ability to know what is best for us. But the Bible is full of individuals who were messes – David, Saul who became Paul, the woman at the well – individuals whom God used in spite of their messy lives. We are all messes in some way. We fail miserably. But God still sees us as beautiful.”
Valda, the head nurse at the assisted living unit where Betty D. King lived her final weeks, speaking to Betty’s son, Michael A. King, quoted in his article “Naming the shadows,” The Christian Century, 8 February 2011, page 12-13.

During the week I shared a host of pictures snagged from other Facebook friends (most of whom shared them from other Facebook friends, etc.).  Here they are: