I’ve decided to post my three favorite posts from my Facebook wall during the preceding week each Friday.  Here’s Last week on Facebook.

From Wednesday, October 5:
“May we not get so busy doing the work of God that we forget to occasionally be overwhelmed by the grace and love of God”  ~ Rev. Phil Hart

From Thursday, October 6:
“Radical allegiance to Jesus Christ transforms one’s entire perspective on political reality.  Priorities become totally changed; a whole new understanding of what is truly important bursts forth.  There is an uncompromised identification with the needs of the poor and oppressed.  One is placed in fundamental opposition to structures of injustice and forms of national idolatry.  Further, there is a commitment to the power of love as the only means to the end.”
Mark O. Hatfield, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, quoted in “The peaceable senator,” The Christian Century, 20 September 2011, p 11.  Mark Hatfield was Republican U.S. Senator from Oregon from 1967 to 1997.  He died on August 7, 2011.

From Friday, October 7:
“Social scientist Dacher Keltner has conducted numerous studies which lead him to conclude that rich people really are different from the rest of society:  they are less empathetic, less altruistic and more selfish.  He’s found that people with low incomes are better able to decipher the emotions of people in photographs that are rich people. His claims have been contested, however, by social scientists who point to other studies showing different results.  A study last year at Harvard and Duke indicated that regardless of income or political affiliation, Americans think income should be equally distributed. [It’s just that] Rich people tend to think income is already equally distributed.”
“Century Marks,” The Christian Century, 6 September 2011, p. 8; citing MSNBC, August 10.