I just wrote to the “Super Committee” (officially the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction) to offer my suggestions of what to do to reduce the deficit.  Honestly, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about this.  Rather, with some suggestions from California Church IMPACT, this is what I wrote:


Here’s what I suggest you do:

* Cut the Department of Defense budget by 15% (with the guarantee that there would be no cuts to enlisted personnel salaries).
* Increase retirement age for full Social Security benefits for people born in 1961 or later (that includes me) to 70 years of age or until disability requires retirement.
* Reduce Medicare costs by:  requiring competitive bidding for durable medical equipment; using electronic eligibility, claims processing, payment; restraining high tech diagnosis/treatment that is NOT more effective; moving to effective pharmaceutical bulk purchasing and lower per unit costs in all public programs as we now do with the VA; ending ‘fee for service’ that encourages over-testing and inefficient billing and go to Acute Care Episode payments that bundle acute and post-acute care.


* End practice of accelerated depreciation for plant CLOSING and “cash back” to closing businesses that choose to shut down
* End supports for shipping production overseas
* Support the “Buffet Solution” of taxing the most wealthy with a small surtax
* Allow Bush tax cuts for those making (NETTING) over $250,000 to expire — this alone obtains $1.2 TRILLION.
* Close offshore tax avoidance with a “territorial” tax base on all a US corporation’s income.
* End tax breaks and loopholes for corporations and high income individuals.

You can write to the Super Committee, too.  Go to their website and click on the “Write to us Today” button.