Here are my three favorite posts – plus my “Pic of the Week” – from my Facebook wall during the preceding week (I try to get this done each Friday).

From Thursday, November 17:
RT @billmckibben: amazed and gratified to hear that delaware fracking put on hold! extreme engagement beats extreme energy!

From Thursday, November 17:

From Friday, November 18:
I am becoming increasingly concerned about the privatization of America.
It started with reports of Blackwater providing mercenaries for the war in Iraq. More recently, I’ve been reading headlines about abuses (including sexual abuses) being perpetrated in private immigration detention centers by the staff.
Today, I started reading this report from the ACLU [about the privatization of prisons] and my anger and sadness grew. If we think it is necessary to lock people up, shouldn’t WE do it? Shouldn’t WE be running the prisons we deem are necessary? Why would we think it’s okay for a corporation to make money on this?
Oh, and then there’s this article in the Huffington Post [about how the evictions of Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park is the privatization of liberty].

And here’s my Pic of the Week: