I’m planning to publish by Saturday night my personal voter guide to the 11 state-wide proposition on California ballots in next month’s election.  I’m going to be sharing my opinions because, well, I’m hoping I might influence some of my fellow Californians.

That said, I am also working on being aware of other points of view and I think this video of Jonathan Haidt will help me do that.  I find his argument compelling and it seems to ring true to my personal experience:  that we are all moral creatures, or moralities undergird out values, and we all think we’re right; and there are five areas that make up the foundations of morality (harm/care; fairness/reciprocity; in-group/loyalty; authority/respect; and purity/sanctity).  Haidt goes on to say that when there is righteous disagreement, it is because we are heightening the importance of one (or some) of these foundational areas when others are heightening the importance of some other foundational area(s).

I invite you to watch it, too: