The following is an email I sent to President Obama, my Senators, and my Representative:

The Syrian situation is complex, but this is what we know at this point:
1.  Chemical weapons use has been alleged but not yet confirmed by the UN inspectors.
2.  Assad’s responsibility for the use of chemical weapons is alleged by not yet confirmed by the UN inspectors.
3.  The use of chemical weapons violates international law, AS DOES an attack my the United States on Syria without sanction from the United Nation’s Security Council.
4.  The violence that has been committed in Syria — especially by the Assad government, which has the responsibility to protect its citizens — is immoral whether chemical weapons have been used or not.
5.  Violence being committed by the United States would be equally immoral.

As a person of faith committed to upholding human rights and international law, I call on you to oppose any military intervention now in response to the alleged chemical attacks in Syria. I urge you to support all diplomatic and humanitarian means at your disposal to seek a resolution to this crisis.

The global community has unequivocally condemned the use of chemical weapons and indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians.  If chemical weapons have been used in Syria, such use is a clear violation of international law, and those responsible should be brought to justice.  A U.S. unilateral military response to these attacks, however, is not the answer and would risk further inflaming the violence in the country and destabilize the region.

I grieve for the more than 4 million people who have been displaced from their homes within Syria.  I grieve for the 1.7 million who have been forced to seek refuge in nearby countries.  My church, the United Church of Christ, and other faith and humanitarian communities are committed to increasing humanitarian aid to Syria to help.

I especially grieve the loss more than 100,000 lives throughout the war in Syria.  Amidst this grief, I call on you to exercise moral courage and use all diplomatic and humanitarian means to avoid a military intervention. A military response would eliminate the potential for what is needed most:  a politically negotiated settlement led by the U.N. with U.S. support that seeks to contain the violence, restore stability in the region, provide humanitarian assistance, and encourage the building of an inclusive society in Syria that protects the rights of all its citizens.

Thank you. I look forward to your response.