How do we measure up, Holy One?

We know that you do not hold some great scale of good and bad and weigh out our sins and blessings to judge us. Yet we also know that you call us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and visit the imprisoned and heal the wounded.  You call us to truly see people.

How do we measure up?

We ask, not because we fear your judgment, but because we long to do your will, to follow your way, to be your hands and feet in the world.  We long to serve.  We want to love more deeply.  More deeply.

We were reminded again this week of the world’s need for your love and peace.  We pray for comfort for those who have experienced loss in their families or who have an anniversary of a death this week.  We think especially of those in our community who grieve.  We pray also for comfort for those who have experienced loss because of the acts of terror in France.  God, we pray for peace.  We pray for wholeness in this fragmented world.  We are bold to pray because we are confident that your love is stronger than hate and fear.

And so we pray for Paris.  And not only Paris.  We pray for the world.

We pray for Beirut, reeling form bombings two days before the attacks in Paris, a bombing not covered much if at all in the U.S. press.

We pray for Baghdad where a bomb goes off at a funeral and not one status update in my newsfeed says #Baghdad.

We pray for a world that blames a refugee crisis for a terrorist attack yet does not pause to differentiate between the attacker and a person who claims the same faith and is running from the same attack, filled with the same fear.

We pray for a world where people walking across countries for months, their only belongs on their backs, are told they have no place to go.

We pray for Paris, yes, but not only Pairs. We pray for the world that does not have a prayer for those who no longer have a home to defend, for a world that is falling apart in all corners, and not simply in the towers and cafes we find so familiar.

May the blessing of all blessings, which is peace, bring the light of goodness to every corner of the earth, and the dark of holy stillness into every heart.


This prayer was inspired by and paraphrased from several prayers posted as graphics and in status updates on Facebook in the past 36 hours.