God of the journey, here, at this moment, in this place, we pause to rest, to be renewed, to discern your direction.  We do not come alone.  Not only are we surrounded by fellow journeyers, our sisters and brothers in this room, we are also surrounded by people we care about, people we hold with deep concerns.

You have heard us name people who are in need of healing, and we add to that list Grace, Eric, Barry, and others whose names we life in silence.  We pray for Judy and for others who grieving.  We pray for the people of Fiji after one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the southern hemisphere tore through the Pacific island nation, flattening villages and killing at least five people.  We pray for people who live in the midst of violence – at home, in their neighborhoods, because of war.

God of the journey, we are not here alone.  We do not journey alone.  We journey with the others in this community of faith, with the others we carry in our heart, with the others in our denominations.  And we journey with you.

Give us courage for the journey.  Give us the courage to look forward into the unknown future.  Give us the courage to challenge our beliefs and assumptions about scripture, even about you.  Give us the courage to journey within so that our hearts may be continually transformed.  Give us the courage to dare to step beyond the road that is carefully and completely constructed.  Give us the courage to continually journey toward justice.  Give us the courage to even love our enemies.  Give us courage to step into the construction zone, and beyond, venturing into new territory, so that we can make the road by walking ahead together.  For we do not journey alone.  Amen.