A little inspiration as I move a little deeper into my sabbatical.

Gifts in Open Hands

Happy first day of the next one hundred years,
Denali and Death Valley,
Shenandoah, Saguaro, and Sequoia,
Acadia and Arches,
Congaree and Carlsbad Caverns,

Isle Royal and Olympia,
Yosemite and Badlands,
Haleakalā and Dry Tortugas.

And to the national monuments,
as well as the parks —
Agua Fria to Ellis Island
Honouliuli to Ocmulgee —

to you, as well, happy first day.

May your lands and waters,
your summits and gorges,
your air and your wild creatures,
be touched gently.
May your fossil fuels
be treasured underground.
And may there be silence
in a world of great noise
and a refuge from light pollution,
so the stars can be seen.

May you be visited by people
of all ages, all races, all faiths,
all languages, all abilities,
all countries –
those who have travel budgets
and those who may not
have money —
but need the peace,
the wilderness, the…

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