It is immoral for a corporation to be making money off of the incarceration of people. If we the people must lock some people up, we the people should be doing it. In other words, it is a governmental responsibility.

And there’s evidence to show that private prisons are a bad idea in other ways:

“In order to write about the inner workings of a private prison, journalist Shane Bauer took a prison guard position at a Louisiana prison for four months, at $9 an hour. The prison is operated by Corrections Corporation of America, whose CEO made $3.4 million in 2015, nearly 19 times the amount paid to the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. During Bauer’s time as a corrections officer, the federal Department of Corrections temporarily took charge of the prison due to a rash of stabbings among inmates. Thirty-four percent of prison guards suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder, a rate higher than that for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Correctional officers commit suicide two and a half time more frequently than the general population.”

Quoted from Christian Century, 3 August 2016 edition, page 9. They cite Mother Jones, July/August as their source.