Over the past couple years, I have preached part of (or all of) a sermon series that has been important to me and potentially useful to other people. This page (which will be updated if other sermon series seem to be worth lifting up as significant) provides links to the sermons in those series.


The Church’s Role in Normalizing Racism looks at the church’s role in providing the (anti-gospel) theological framework for European (white) supremacy and racism.

It’s In Our Cultural DNA explores how deeply ingrained racism is in American culture (and how it got that way).

Immigration Policy and Racism exposes how racism is lived out in American immigration policy – and how that goes against the gospel of Jesus.

Racism’s Many Faces Today exposes the demonic, hidden forces of racism in America today.

Jesus, Transformation, and Ending Racism explores the multi-generational work of dismantling racism that needs to be done, starting with unpacking white privilege

Patriarchy and Sexual Violence

The Church’s Role in Codifying Patriarchy explores how we misinterpret texts, mis-translate texts, and ignore or forget the women in our sacred stories, thus normalizing patriarchy.

Me, Too exposes how the church glosses over the sexual violence that is part of our sacred story, just as we do to the sexual violence in our lives today.

I Believe You looks at the ways we excuse sexual violence, the normalcy of the discomfort women feel in their lives, and begins to explore how we can begin to respond in a way that is more in keeping with the gospel.

Overcoming Patriarchy recommends some concrete steps we as a church and we as a culture can take to overcome patriarchy.